It’s 2019 and we stay fighting the good fight. There was (is) a measles outbreak going on here, eleven people at last count – surprise, all within a pocket of unvaccinated kids.

I’m very tired, y’all. I’m very tired of raising a child during what feels like the End Times. I just wanna grab everyone by the face and gently but firmly tell them that the window of time where the majority can expect to live a long, healthy life has been frighteningly short, and it’s only by our adhering to certain societal standards that we don’t slip back into a time where it was much worse.

Did you know Motherlover‘s back from inter-chapter hiatus? It is! You can read the beginning of the next chapter now – or catch up on the last one, if you like to read your comics in chunks!

Speaking of hiatus – for the next few weeks I’m going to temporarily drop How Baby updates down to once per week. As some of you know, my day job is at a video game studio, and the project I’m on needs me to go full-time for the next three weeks, and there’s just no way to juggle five days in studio, three comic updates, freelance art, and do the mom thing too. There are limits!! Even for me!! Things calm down again around spring break though, so we’ll be back to the regularly scheduled updates then! <3