For some reason, I didn’t think we’d run into the stereotypical assumptions that Kev is a silent, distantly supportive provider-parent just because he’s a dad. Maybe I figured people would take one look at me and be like, oh, yeah, they’re probably one of those new-fangled egalitarian couples. Or maybe that we’d hit critical mass on enough ‘it’s not babysitting, it’s parenting!’ jokes that people’d gotten their heads out of their butts. But, nope, turns out sexism is alive and well; what a shock.

I kid you not, this is basically word-for-word what our parent-teacher interview was like. Even though Kev is right there, people will ignore him or make jokes about how he inept or basically tagging along like he’s… my apprentice or something, despite living through the same five years I did. Questions about how he’ll possibly survive when I go away for shows. Assumptions that I’m the one doing the laundry, cooking, mending, etc.

Smash cut to Kev sitting in his office, sewing all of Momo’s Spark badges onto her sash for four hours, because splitting labour down gender lines is ridiculous, and even more so when it intersects with being a parent.