How was YOUR Sunday morning? Because mine tested the question ‘what’s the worst reason your cat and/or child could be wet?’ There’s a lot of answers to that question, and we pulled up two of the worst ones right after another.

I have never repaired and/or bought a laundry machine in my life. I feel like I might have skipped this day in Adult School. We live in an apartment building, so ‘run it again and see if you can replicate the problem’ probably isn’t the best idea. At least I Marie Kondo’d the hell out of our clothes last weekend, so everything is sort of clean right now? Yikes.

Now would be a good time to mention again that I still have a few slots open for original character commissions, yes? Yes. I can only take two more before I need to shut them down again to focus on Motherlover and my work in-studio, so jump on it now unless you wanna wait until they open again sometime in April/May!