A pretty monumental shift just happened at Chez Baby: Momo’s brain finally flipped that switch where she now fully understands that letters make sounds make words make meaning. She’d gotten all the pieces independently before – had even recognized some words, even! – but crucially, she finally can string the whole chain together and actually tackle full sentences and unfamiliar words. Not just to recite words and letters by rote, but to understand that letters make language.

It was incredible to watch this happen!! This was probably my proudest and happiest moment as a parent to date. I felt my whole body get buoyant with joy that she’s standing right now on the edge of the vast, unknowable ocean of all of human knowledge. Everything all humanity has ever written down will soon be available to her, her birthright as part of our future.

Watching her realize, for the first time in her life, that the world is full of tiny doors, and every door leads to whole other world to explore… it’s so powerful. Her entire understanding of the world just… grew so far beyond her ken that I don’t even think she realizes how her life has just changed. But I do!! And I’m still beyond choked up about it!