Turnabout is fair play: Kev did teach her to yell ‘get in the car, binch!’ from the car window when they come to pick me up at the train station after work.

It’s spring break! Woo! Did you know they get two weeks now? I could have sworn it was one week, when I was a kid. Momo’s been feeling the pinch of the early mornings too (when I’m working in the studio, Kev takes her to before-school care at 6:30 instead of 8:30), so she’s been looking forward to her first spring break just as much as I have. It’s so cute, how she finally gets a taste of how much it sucks to be woken up before you wanted.

Plus, I shipped a game and I’m off work for nearly three weeks! Plus, it just got wicked springtime here. All in all, I’m pretty stoked for going out on little daytrip adventures with her. Totally worth yelling ‘woo!’ for.