ETA: How Baby will be a little late this week because I’m traveling for TCAF and have very little access to 1) art software, and 2) reliable internet! Check back… later! There will be an update this week to keep to the once-a-week current schedule, just… not Monday!


YOU EVER WANNA BE REALLY MAD, LIKE, FOR FUN?? Apparently I do, because every so often my brain will just randomly pull up one of the many, many bad takes I have read since beginning to hang out on parenting subreddits, including this one, which is so heinous and incomprehensible that I genuinely feel like breathing fire whenever I remember that there exists a man out there who genuinely believes that feeding his child is his wife’s personal responsibility.

Another good one was when I stumbled across a guy who wrote that he didn’t give up his seat to pregnant women who weren’t wearing wedding rings. First of all, how very dare he pass judgement, second of all, I would have liked to give him smack with all 40lbs of water weight I was carrying towards the end there.

Got any good ones? It’s been a while since I was recreationally angry.


It’s TCAF week!! I’ll be at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this weekend, I’m the salon on the second floor, table 253. I really hope to see you there!!