A wild How Baby appears! I had to delay this one by a few days because of crunching, and then traveling, for TCAF, but I wanted to get one up this week, at least!

Momo and I are old hands and this ‘mommy travels for work’ business, but it’s been about seven months since I left for a show, and I think she really felt it this time. Maybe being in school has started giving her an appreciation for the passing of time in discrete days, now. Anyway, end result is that I got LOTS of cuddles when I came home from TCAF, from a kiddo with a notoriously low tolerance for cuddles. Seeing as how I had been away for Mother’s Day, I wasn’t complaining.

I’m going to be exhibiting at VanCAF this weekend, which is where I get to see a lot of you!! I’m at table K5 in the gymnasium, where it will undoubtedly be very hot as usual, but gosh I do love VanCAF for being my home show, and also for being very relaxing after putting all my stress points into TCAF! I’m looking forward to seeing your happy faces again this year!!