And we’re back! Only nine hours later than usual, how’s that for turnaround. I needed a little bit of time to recover from going away from the weekend, thanks for the breather. Happy Canada Day!

Momo’s officially done kindergarten now!! And after all the end-of-year picnics, and end-of-year concerts, and end-of-year field trips, and notices, and reminders, and overdue library books, and childcare arrangements… it’s summer. And I realized, when all the other parents were saying goodbye to the kids… I may have forgotten to do something.

In my defense…! Our childcare shook out so that neither Kev nor I actually did much of the dropoffs and pickups, so I never really got a chance to spend time with Momo’s classmates! Uh, not in my defense, there were only eleven of them, so… maybe next year, then…

re: Motherlover, the script of the next chapter is giving me hell right now, so I’m gonna let it percolate for another week. Motherlover updates resume next week, July 10. <3