Narrowly escaped a ‘404: Comic Not Found’ joke ’cause I had this one all done before I realized we’d come up to 404 already. Wow.

Momo’s been (re)watching Hilda recently, especially the episode with the troll, so I just happened across the perfect metaphor to get her butt in gear on our morning commute. It took a little bit of massaging when she questioned why she didn’t see me turning to stone – because it’s all happening inside, obviously. It’s not a lie if it’s a metaphor, right? Right.

How are other parents encouraging their kids to be active? Because I was the kid who got out of P.E. as soon as possible, and never picked up anything else because any sort of sport was humiliating and painful. Having to come at it later in life, I’m really keen on finding ways to sneakily set Momo up for a healthier relationship with her body than I had.