Comics and video games are industries both notorious for their stability, and the expected has come to pass: I’ve been laid off from my day job! I’ve parted ways with the good folks at the game studio as amicably as a lay-off can be, which means I’ve been doing the thing in this comic quite a bit this weekend: cycling at random between feeling optimistic and energized by change, to apathetic, to being hit with a crushing wave of sadness.

The hardest thing is knowing that we’re going to be thrown back into the interminable (and lonely) lean times of freelancing – that, or I’ll need to rustle up another day job, which as a mother of a school-age child is not without its own terrors. It always sucks to be laid off, but it extra sucks to get laid off as someone with barriers to employment.

If the universe is kind, we’re going to be okay no matter which direction I choose… and that faith that things will work out is entirely because of the support of fans on Patreon. If you’ve been thinking about pledging – even a dollar a month! – now would be a seriously good time to start. In return, you get little benefits like both comics emailed to you and the occasional freebie or WIP. Your support gives me the safety net that allows me to release two comics (two! comics!) for free (for free!), and helps bridge the gap between here and the best place I can end up, whenever that happens!