And we’re back to biweekly How Baby updates! It was gonna happen around now anyway, but gosh, I suddenly have all this time on my hands, now. A silver lining, I guess!

One thing I’ve been enjoying, one week post-layoff, is a freedom that I didn’t know I’d been missing: the ability to just up and go anywhere with Momo, without needing to check what day it is, or whose schedule interferes with what. Mid-week movie matinee? Haircut day a week from now? Not a problem. Just me and my buddy, with no demands on our time except what we want to do. It’s the best part out of all of this upheaval.

HOWEVER, some habits… they do not leave you. She’s old enough now that I don’t need a bag of tricks, but I literally did exactly this the first time I tried to leave the house with her this week. I’m very much a ‘keys, wallet, phone’ person; I hate having to carry anything extra, but man, maybe almost six years later I am finally internalizing the need to be prepared.

A HUGE thank you is in order for the tremendous outpouring of support from Monday’s comic. Seriously, wow, thank you everyone who sent messages of love, shared job postings, or especially pledged over on Patreon. You turned an exquisitely shitty feeling into something positive, and I’m feeling so optimistic. Kev and I are still discussing our options for the future, but the possibility that we might be able to survive on just comic income isn’t as farfetched as I thought it would be. I’ll keep you posted, of course, this is an autobio space after all, but y’all are the wind beneath my wings, wow. <3

I’d still love to see you over on Patreon; gosh, I don’t like banging on about it so I promise I’ll only do it every so often, but this comic (and Motherlover too!) is possible entirely because of pledges, especially in these uncertain times. Even a dollar a month adds up, not just financially but as a small vote of confidence and emotional support. I’m so grateful to everyone who’s pledged, past and present, for helping me keep making these comics! If you can spare a dime, brother, it goes a long way!