We tried.

Momo’s not a runner, exactly, but she has her mother’s utter disregard for herd dynamics, and it makes for some interesting conversations with teachers, camp counselors, coaches… because at some point, they all learn the hard way that I mean it when I say ‘she needs closer supervision than other children.’ Because the second she gets bored, she’s just… gone.

I collected the suggestions from last week’s comic about wanting to find good fairy tales to read to kids, and wow, y’all came through. Thanks, everyone – there were SO many suggestions. I’ve compiled them on a Goodreads list, here! If I missed your suggestion, I’m sorry; some weren’t age-appropriate, some weren’t fairy tales, some weren’t able to be put into lists because they were lists themselves, and some were simply missed! Thank you for all your suggestions, though! Next up for us: finding a copy of Tatterhood, which was by far the most suggested one!