You know those dreams you get where you’re back in college and you realize that not only is there a test you haven’t studied for, but you didn’t even realize you were enrolled in the class and hadn’t been to any of the lectures?

That’s what it’s like on the outside looking in, watching Momo not even trying to make friends at her new school. She seems completely disinterested in learning anyone’s name, despite gently reminding her every day about how nice it feels when people remember her name. And they do! When she arrives at school, someone always yells her name and is excited to see her!

(Which is a little unnerving, at first, when within a few days even the other parents know your kids name, because it’s like… oh, no, what did she do to be remembered so fast?)

Anyway, it really is a feeling of like… oh, crap, was I supposed to teach you how to make friends?? When?! Because I’m sorry, kiddo, your mom is very bad at making friends when faced with a crowd of people who may or may not be willing to be friends, always has been… maybe that apple’s just not gonna fall far from the tree for you, sorry.