I keep getting told that they stop trying to actively kill themselves eventually, but… when?? Momo will do this thing where she seems to genuinely listen and act contrite when I’m trying to impart the serious lessons, the ones about how she absolutely must never ever even for FUN walk into traffic or leave with a stranger or drink mystery liquid or stick something in an electrical socket – like it REALLY seems like it’s sinking in – and then literally thirty seconds later, she’s running across the crosswalk??

We’re in this dangerous place right now where she’s starting to think that she does in fact know everything, and therefore does not need to be told how to be safe any more. She’s got an ounce of confidence in how, say, crosswalks work, and I literally just the other day had to grab her jacket as she stepped into the street against the light.

My watch never ends…

Happy Thanksgiving!! We have a lot to be thankful this year, in addition to the usual thankfulness for our health and a relatively peaceful year. This year, especially, I’m thankful that I get to keep making comics and sharing this journey with you, and to hear so many of your stories as well. Like I mentioned in my last strip, with doing this full-time again, it’s through doing comics that I can support my family and be the mom that Momo needs me to be.

I hope you too have a bounty of thanksgiving, fellow Canadians, and that life is kind as we slide into the darker months. I’m grateful for you!

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