M-m-meta humour! I’ve been feeling cruddy and burned out this weekend, so naturally I wanted to be really comfortable… and realized that, despite how they used to comprise 80% of my wardrobe around the time I became a mom, I now own… exactly none. I have partial shares of one of Kev’s. The rest, I’ve lost to attrition: chewed on, stained irrevocably, outgrown, shrunk in overzealous post-spitup launderings… the many casualties of parenthood.

And in their place? An army of sensible hoodless mom-sweaters of various soft knits, mostly grey, almost all oversized. When I look at my mighty collection of sweaters, I think of a line from Target Women that has etched itself into my brain: “It’s that ‘I had a Masters, but then I got married’ look!” I hadn’t realized how much a very typical suburban image of motherhood had colonized my wardrobe until just now! I’ve never felt more distant from my cooler student self.

(Am I going to stop drawing myself in hoodies? …of course not, I’m always wearing one in spirit, haha.)