IT HAPPENED SO FAST Y’ALL. As the prophecy foretold by Mssrs. Chipmunk, Chipmunk, and Chipmunk, all Momo will want for Christmas is two front teeth. <3

I didn’t expect to have Big Mom Emotions about this! She’s lost her two bottom teeth and it was exciting because it was her first lost teeth, but fast forward to me holding her tiny little baby teeth in my hand and thinking about how she’s growing up, and passing through of the time of her life where she’s just a little baby human who only needs me and her dad and nothing else. Out of the time when her innocent problems are small and easily fixed, and into one where the troubles are much bigger and the solutions much more elusive.

People have asked me what we’re gonna do with her teeth and it’s like, man, I don’t know, because apparently the answer so far is to have a good cry about it and then put them in a drawer because I can’t bear to throw away any part of her. Not a good long term archiving strategy, but it’s all I got right now.