(Show of hands who’s watching the Mandalorian, because you KNOW we got on that sweet Disney+ as soon as it dropped, haha.)

Temperature’s dropped real fast here, which means even Momo with her natural hardiness to cold (do all children have this? do they all run this hot? I remember not wearing a coat regularly until I was, like, 19) is starting to cave to the realities of weather. Not quite fast enough, though. It’s still a Discussion to get her to wear her coat, even when I can literally see her shivering. But, this is the way of things. Children cling to that little bit of control even when it’s obvious you’re right.

I’m sorry I skipped a few updates this week – I’ve aggravated my rotator cuff injury, so being on the computer longer than about a half hour is torture. Drawing is slightly better, but even then I have to ration that time between comics and contract work. I’m trying to take it slow so I can feel closer to 100% soon!