Nothing makes me feel like the stereotypical ‘locks himself in the home office for his Big Important Work and ignores his attention-starved children’ dad from family movies more than when I’m trying to work and Momo keeps distracting me with random questions and observations, but you gotta understand: she never stops talking. The chatter is constant!! And inane! And I KNOW that it’s not about the content of the chatter, it’s about reaching out and confirming that someone is there, which is a very human impulse for companionship and intimacy, and yet.

It’s really hard too, when she uses it in dastardly ways like coming out of her room after bedtime for a hug, because, what kind of monster denies their kid a hug?? After all the badly-artifacted internet poetry with a Minion on it telling me to slow down and enjoy every precious moment?? Not this monster.