I consider very few tasks to be the sacred duties of parenthood: carrying kids from the car to bed, going in at night to make sure their blankets are on them, always carrying a coat even when they insist they don’t need one, and pulling off the tooth fairy heist.

Sorry to report that I failed that last one a few days ago, when Momo lost her seventh (!!) tooth – yes, that’s all four across the top, and yes that is as cute and hilarious as you might imagine – and I got an awakening at 7:00 the next morning because ‘the tooth fairy didn’t come last night!!!!’

So the next day, on NYE, I made a little baggie of small toys and wrote a tiny, tiny card from the tooth fairy, apologizing that it’s a very busy time of year for tooth fairies, what with all the candy, and could she please remember to brush all her new teeth twice a day, etc. I think it worked?? Yikes. That one took a year off my life.