Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m happy to report that there are no reports of death grudges this year; the only hiccup was one boy who she told me on the way home hated her and was always bullying her. She decided on her own that she was still gonna give him a card, and then halfway through writing it she decided that she liked him again and had drawn a bunch of hearts on it. A real enemies-to-lovers kinda situation.

(Don’t worry, I’m talking to her about the whole mess of bullying, haha. There’s no ‘he just likes you!’ in this house.)

It may have taken her literally an hour and a half to write 22 Valentines cards, but man, am I ever proud of her. Watching her sit up straight at the table, carefully going through her list and checking off the names with her lil bobble pen, taping chocolate to them, checking her work… it brought a tear to my eyes, guys. It was really something to see her sit and focus for so long, after like a year and a half of despairing she wouldn’t get this ‘school’ thing, or this ‘friends’ thing. She’s so happy about her friends!! Aaah!

I mentioned this on Motherlover, but: I had planned to be at FanExpo Vancouver this weekend, but due to workload reasons I’ve decided not to. Sorry to anyone who was hoping to swing by and say hi! I’m doing a pretty good job this year of clinging to THIS side of burnout, but some things have just gotta give to keep that the case, haha.