…and that’s the story of why we now own a copy of Yoshi’s Crafted World.

Momo’s really surprised us this week by how helpful she’s been – all on her own, it’s like she finally decided to take us up on our constant reminders to clean up after herself and help out in small ways around the house. She feeds the cat in the mornings and finds some way to amuse herself without watching television, keeps her room clean (enough) has started getting her own breakfast – remarkably, the other day she voluntarily started folding and putting away her laundry, and she unloaded the cutlery and her dinnerware from the dishwasher.

NGL, part of me is like… super stoked that she’s started pitching in, and a smaller part of me is like… a little worried that this pandemic has exposed her too early to the idea that her parents are Just Regular People: stressed out, overloaded, in need of help. Like, that she realizes that we can’t do everything, and she feels obligated to help, which is an awful emotional burden for a six-year-old. I worry that her sense of safety is tarnished a little, and she’s reacting by trying to ‘pull her weight.’

I can fix that with buying her video games, right?