2020 is a different world than 2013, in more ways than the obvious. I remember someone telling me, when I was struggling with lifting the car seat into the base, that one day she would be getting into the car all by herself. And she does! And it’s very surprising. But not, I think, as surprised as I was to find out that Momo can pack her own bag for overnight trips to her grandparents’ house, and she does a pretty decent job.

(We just had a whole two nights with her at her grandparents’, and it’s literally the longest I’d been away from her since, oh, November? I never used to get that parent anxiety when dropping her off before – probably because I figured anyone else was gonna do a better job than I was – but now? HOO. Boy! Did I ever miss her! Quarantine is doing things to me that baby brain could not.)

It’s Momo’s seventh birthday on Saturday! Yeah… seven. Uh huh. Just let that sink in.