More often these days than usual, it’s hard for me to muster the executive function to, like, get up to make lunch or get a drink, things like that. You know, just goin’ through one of those slumps. Doing things is hard.

Being 24/7 in Momo’s line of fire for literally any thought that goes through her head is… difficult, wow. Like, I always thought I was an extrovert, but seven months of being one of Momo’s only ways to fill her Social meter is taking a toll even on me. I’ve learned that if I stay still long enough, she’ll forget that I’m a person who gets her things.

…which is not good for getting me out this slump and doing things to turn it around, knowing that the moment I do, I’ll have to make a snack or wrangle a zoom meeting or come see the cat. When you already only have two mana, and you need to spend them to get up and go get a drink, the prospect of getting pulled into a random battle on the way might make you want to stay in one place until help arrives instead, you know what I’m saying?