I’m ready to concede to advice people have been giving me for years: having a schedule really does work. I don’t know why I thought Momo, she who needed to be home for a nap by 1PM every day for five years, wouldn’t flourish with a robust visual schedule. Aiee. We’re still learning, people.

This is what we’re doing at home; a weekly checklist to make sure she does everything generally, and a daily schedule so she can manage her own time. I designed/made them both myself! The schedule is literally just a poster frame and scrapbook paper – thanks Pinterest moms!! You came through this time.

This, perhaps, is working a little too much as intended. Because I struggle with executive function sometimes – more these days than others – what’s happening is that we’ve become accountability buddies for each other. No matter what, I’ve gotta be up for breakfast, or the whole day is shot. But, honestly, it’s nice that I can ask her what’s next instead of just telling her. It’s downright harmonious, AND I’m not in bed until 11.