Day 311: Subject C continues to exhibit unusual ability to sense when Subject A has just begin to engage in an activity that requires focus and/or solitude. Ability is only becoming more honed as time passes.

Especially aggravating when I’ve purposefully dawdled on doing my own things, so you’d think she would have needed me during any of that time, but, no. It’s always when I’ve juuuuuuuuuust set myself up for a good long stretch of mom time that she needs something.

As la pandemie hopefully enters its last chapter soon (ah,), I’m trying to be more present and realize the gift of the time we have left together. We haven’t been this in each others spaces for so long since she was a literal baby, and likely never will again. I’m trying to get my cuddles in, to enjoy her unselfconscious giggles, and like… reorient myself on how to be the mom she needs for this point in her life.

And at the same time, oh, my god, I would like, just, to not have someone knock on the bathroom door mid-piss. Like. That would be awesome, too. Just saying.