Who would win: days of carefully planned family togetherness activities, or one sticky boi?

…the sticky boi, obviously. I don’t think she’s played in the pouring rain for… a while. As homebound people, if it’s raining, we just… don’t go outside, haha.

Anyway, we made it through spring break! We’re now officially marking one year since Momo was ‘supposed’ to return to school, and we’re… still here. But, I think… I’m finally getting the hang of homeschooling, how to make it fun and take it easy and trust that just living and being with her is going to teach her a lot of the important parts. Yeah, it took a year!! but in my defense, real teachers need to learn too!! And the first few months wasn’t homeschooling so much as it was ‘crisis schooling’ while trying not to panic, so, you know, not bad.