They learn from observation, right?

Kev and I have never been especially tidy people – it’s only really been this year of being homebound that’s forced us to keep the house clean, just, on the regular. We both grew up in really, really clean homes, though! So when we moved out… I know I’d taken it for granted how much work goes into keeping that level of tidiness.

…I don’t now, obviously. But I’m still working on keeping the space ‘mommy clean’, as we called it in my house, which obviously has filtered down to Momo, because now she recognizes that, yes, we DO have to tidy up our spaces before company comes over!! Thanks, mom, for getting my kid off the couch immediately upon hearing you were only a few minutes away.

Whatever, I’ll take it. We actually took half an hour and did a whole family clean this weekend, and I was soooooo impressed with how clean Momo got her room?? After years of struggle of helping her understand abstract, multi-step processes like ‘clean your room’, she really got it this weekend, I’m so proud.