As is usual for here, it’s ALL OF A SUDDEN, SUMMER!! And despite the Literal Pandemic, there’s so much pressure to like… get out there and enjoy the weather, etc. I’m not an Outside Person, really, though I try to at least rally a little so we don’t just spend all week indoors, but, boy. Going out this weekend was just… yeah.

It’s going to take a long time for me to not feel like outside is… safe, you know?

I don’t want to be a paranoid shut-in, obviously, but it’s really been a struggle recently to have to live with the fact that everyone is expecting me to get back to business as usual when, by most metrics, we are in a worse position than ever before. I’m feeling very fatigued lately that everyone just ‘wants it to be over’ and acts like it is, but it’s not, and that willful ignorance is, in fact, making it worse. How do you come back and trust in people again, after that?

I hope that when Momo finally reads this comic, many years from now, these pandemic-era comics have aged like milk and are completely incomprehensible to her. Just a thing that happened, as distant as my own memories of grade two (of which are two: massive nosebleed, and accidentally making a poster about a made-up peanut-shaped creature I innocently named a ‘slut’, pronounced ‘sloot’). It feels unlikely now, but… I still hope.

Completely unrelated, I just learned that it was Nonbinary Parents’ Day on Sunday! Or rather, the third Sunday of April – mark that down for next year! So, shout out to the nonbinary parents out there! I smile every time I see one of y’all, elbowing out space in this rigidly gendered performance-space of parenthood. We out here.