We took a trip out to the migratory bird sanctuary, a place so dense with birds that even the Canadian geese, notably the most polite and Canadian of all birds, can’t even be bothered to get aggressive because they’re so well-fed by visitors. They literally came up to us with their mouths open, begging like dogs.

I, who previously have only seen geese open their mouths as a precursor to ruining my day, was a little spooked. Momo had no such fear. We were able to get so close to them, even to the fluffy goslings, that the urge to pick them up by their chonky, friend-shaped Thanksgiving-turkey middles was almost irresistible.

Still, some truths are too ingrained in the Canadian psyche. If they’d wanted her, it would’ve been a mom-able-to-lift-car sort of adrenaline situation to bypass the HOLY SHIT IT’S A GOOSE fear.