I’ve ALWAYS had this as part of my Motherhood Experience to some extent – like, I haven’t been able to watch a movie without subtitles or easily find my car in a parking lot since Momo was born – but as restrictions on socializing are beginning to lift, we’ve been able to talk face-to-face with more people than we have in a while. And I’m noticing… some changes. Brain changes.

It’s just, you know, for the past fifteen months, Momo’s been within eyesight of me for… probably 90% of the time. Plus, she’s at an age where I’m feeling a lot of pressure from other people to let her play unsupervised, but like… one of the things about Momo’s temperament is that she will disregard every request to stay in one area, not talk to strangers, not run into the street, etc. So, between those two things, I’m just… conversationally, I’m a mess.

Momo’s enrolled in summer school again this year – and this time, it’s in person! So, come July we’ll finally have some sense of separation again. The silver lining this past year has been being able to have such a strong hand in her development and to reconnect with her as the person she is now… but… we’re ready. I’m ready to get some of my brain back.