Momo’s had an iPod Touch for about a year now, and it’s essentially an iPhone except for the phone part, so we’ve had… a while to work out the kinks in how she uses it and when. It’s a bit of an arms race to constantly be updating the parental controls. We’ve had to ban YouTube, full-stop, a restriction she accepts on the TV and the iPad she uses for school, but yesterday she figured out she can navigate to on Safari and get around the parental controls that way, so I had to go in this morning and brainstorm a bunch of domains to restrict right from the jump.

When I was growing up – older than Momo, but still young – the internet was a small, anonymous, lawless place. I’m grateful, actually, for the chance to experience that place and to have my third eye blasted open, but, whew. It’s a different, faster internet now, and, she’s still got some growing to do before we’re at ‘unrestricted access’ age.