week two of aggressively not doing comics about the terrifying pandemic, go

For some reason I was telling Momo about how she used to fall asleep on me when I was giving her a bottle, and touched a little bit on how I knew, when it happened, when it was the last time she ever would. It was a mindblowing concept for her – as it is for most parents, when they realize that those times come and go usually without anyone knowing. I got a few rare moments of quiet as she digested that one.

She’s eight and a half now, and we’ve been practicing her walking calmly and responsibly ‘by herself’ as we live very close to her school and the goal is that she’ll be able to walk to school herself some day. But, ever since that conversation, I’ve noticed… she takes my hand more. Like she doesn’t ever want there to be a last time she holds my hand, too.