It’s kind of wild that even now, eight years into this whole thing, Momo is still having obvious, identifiable developmental phases just like she was when she was a baby. You don’t really think about it – kids develop a lot when they’re little, and then again during puberty, but there’s this whole stretch of time where she’s still growing in much smaller, less obvious ways.

The new hotness this week is hugs. Just, all the time. Nearly constant bids for physical reassurance, especially from me and her teacher. We could be outside, at the grocery store, literally walking… doesn’t matter. We hugging. Combined with a bottomless appetite and clumsiness, I’m just looking at her knowingly like… what are you up to now, child? What new human-creature will stumble out of your bedroom tomorrow?

It’s just one of those cool reminders that… she’s still a kid. She has so much growing to do, and that’s so much hard work for her, and she’s probably feeling lowkey bad, just, all the time. So we’re taking the hugs when we can.