Edit to the last comic: it finally happened and I did, actually, get COVID from the hospital. (: (:

As I was sick for a few days before I tested positive, we figured there was a good chance everyone in the house was already sick or about to be. We all stayed home from work and school, just to be sure – and of course, I was the only one to actually develop it. (: But, better me than either Kev or Momo. I got a little better, then felt a little worse, but mostly just (“just”) extreme fatigue and congestion. Yay, vaccines! Hopefully, the only damage will be to my credit card, because we ordered in a lot of meals.

Like I mentioned a few comics back, Momo’s going through a really cuddly phase and needs a lot of physical reassurance. You can fit a lot of dejection and hurt feelings in this eight-year-old if you tell her she can’t cuddle mom. We were very lucky she didn’t get it!

If you haven’t already, please get your vaccines – who knows what would have happened if our household wasn’t fully vaxxed. This might be a much different comic… if there was one at all. Take care of yourselves, I love you, stay healthy!

(And happy Easter/Passover/Ramadan/Vaisakhi!)