Momo was away at camp last weekend – her last activity with Brownies! – and it was pretty quickly apparent to Kev and I exactly the shape her absence made in our day-to-day lives. Now that she’s fairly independent and doesn’t wake us up in the morning or constantly run into traffic, the next big thing we missed when she was gone was… we have too much food!

You just get used to it!! When they’re toddlers, they want to eat everything off your plate (or you just eat what they leave on theirs), and now she’s older we’re both just so accustomed to tithing to Momo that we had so much food left over.

(It’s not just us…! Apparently, we order takeout from this one place so often that the kitchen, when they saw our normal order minus what we usually order for Momo… automatically sent along Momo’s order too, thinking it was a mistake.)