Somehow it sneaks up on me every year – you grind every week, doing the same routine of mornings and work and dinner and bedtime, one foot in front of the other, until you clang your head against something that reminds you that time was passing, and now a part of your child’s life is over, forever.

That’s it, that’s a wrap on third grade – the only third grade she’ll ever have, very likely the last one I’ll ever have. Hope I made it a good one… but it’s not like we get report cards. We parents won’t know what memories have lodged in their little heads, be they good or bad. Time keeps moving forward, marked only by these artificial reflection points.

Losing a year to homeschool has only made this feeling sharper, I think. It’s reminded me how finite the opportunities are to build her foundational memories, and fill them with friends and love and adventure – dogs, and baking, and camp, and gardening, and and and

The jar of her childhood is slowly filling up, pebble by pebble of memories, at a rate so slow I barely notice it, but one day the jar will be filled. And that was it. The day-by-day, the week-by-week, where it’s so easy to look forward only to the next weekend, the next Monday, the next dentist appointment – every one of those was a chance to drop a pebble in, and it’s easy to think – did I do it right? Did I do good?

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