Hat tip to Lan for reminding me I had a comic in the hopper about going on vacation with small kids, before everyone promptly stopped going on vacation for some strange reason. Figured I would pull it out again, as the northern hemisphere careens again into peak vacationing time. Featuring Imogen, because who else, the poor thing.

Thankfully, we’re out of this phase now, but I remember vividly how much work a vacation is when you’re caring for a small child. They don’t suddenly stop needing food every three hours, or naps, or all their bottles cleaned, or their laundry washed, or their butts wiped, or all their stuff carted around with you. They don’t stop making messes and trying to accidentally unalive themselves. And if they got sick on the plane, as Momo often did…? Fun! And that’s just the vacation itself! Who bought the tickets and researched the hotel and packed the bags and-

So you end up doing everything you would normally do at home, except in an unfamiliar space, without the stability of their routines. Magical. Relaxing for the whole family! Aren’t you glad you took the family on vacation, mom?

(and then: “Why are you taking them on vacation, anyway? It’s not like they’re going to remember!”)

(but if you don’t, you feel like a bad parent for not having a ~family vacation~!)