Sorry for the skipped comic last week; as you might have seen on Twitter, I sprained the fingers on my dominant hand pretty badly and only just regained something like the ability to hold a pen. I’ve been taking it easy, but recovery is so slow. 🙁

Momo went away to her very first sleepaway camp up in the mountains, for four whole days. It was a first for all of us; neither Kev nor I got the Real Summer Camp Experience, where you get thrown in with a bunch of strangers and go positively feral for a few days away from home.

Considering Momo is a wanderer, I was worried about all the trouble she could accidentally get into up there. When ‘I got bored in the middle of the night so I went down to the lake’ is an option, there’s an awful lot of places the mind can go. But! She managed to make it back in one piece, bug-bitten and a little better for the experience.

Being a parent does strange things to your anxieties. I don’t really overthink the risk of injury when it comes to myself, but for this tiny human whose entire life and future health is in my hands, for whom ‘don’t enter the archery range’ is new information? Yeesh. That’s the one that won’t turn off.

It’s Kev’s birthday today! I know he’s reading this, so join me in thinking lovely thoughts for my maaaaan~! Happy birthday, puppy!* Thank you for being the best husband and dad ever, my partner in life and in all things, my sounding board, my enabler, the holder of all my best ideas, the wheels and the health insurance (lol), and the best darn IKEA furniture co-builder anyone could ask for.

* everyone in the family is ‘puppy’, including the cat**
** except for the dog, who is ‘baby’