Hold on to these kinds of things, man. I’m glad I did. I got some from my littlest niece last weekend when she (and her dad) stole my phone, and it reminded me how many of these exact sequences I have saved.

You can’t manufacture these moments. Between these and the times I gave my phone to Momo to record her point of view of family events, I have probably like a gigabyte of blurry photos of trees, dogs, chins, feet, interesting knickknacks… and they are never, ever being deleted.

After two years of we-should-stay-inside-mostly, I have a renewed vigor for Experiencing Summer with Momo. But it’s not all amusement parks and beach trips… it’s the little things like this that are precious to me, now with a few years to look back on summers already past. The in-between times. The memories you didn’t expect.