Momo is nine years old today! Nine used to seem as distant as, say, seventeen, and yet now it’s here. Last night I cuddled goodnight to my eight-year-old for the last time, and if I think too long about things like that I will just miss all the fun parts too!

Pardon me, but I looked back on a lot of photos while I was searching my phone trying to remember what we did for each of her birthdays, and I’m in all of my feels. A lot of memories of trucking around with her like a particularly rambunctious shadow.

Happy birthday Momo! From many years in the past, by the time you read this. On the weekend we went to Science World and you mastered the marble pegboard for the first time, and today we’re grabbing a bunch of your friends and taking them to Chuck E. Cheese. I was hesitant, because I used to work there running the parties, but your dad insisted because there’s only so many years you’ll want to have a party with the mouse.