I made, shall we say, an educated guess.

Like mother, like daughter? It’s fascinating, because I swear I didn’t do anything to instill this in her. Asking her if she ships them was a pure stab in the dark.

I’m not even entirely sure where she got the concept of shipping characters; I think it’s from a few years ago, when the YouTube algorithm started feeding her BNHA-flavored fan-made animatics of dubious quality. We didn’t get ‘Elsa gets pregnant’ weird YouTube videos, we got BakuDeku soap operas, apparently.

It’s… kind of cute, like- she doesn’t even like watching people kiss on television, so I wonder what she’s even imagining when she’s drawing little hearts around her anime boys. What pre-romantic thoughts are in there that make her think, yes, these boys come as set? 

She’s professed to loving ‘drama’ in stories, and what else?? is more dramatic?? than the unresolved romantic tension between rivals? I guess? The academic papers that I could write on the inherent homoeroticism of shounen anime being so thick that even a nine-year-old can pick it up, or something like that.