For the longest time, we’ve held the line that Momo won’t get in trouble for a contextually appropriate swear, but cautioned her that in life there are natural consequences for swearing at the wrong person or in the wrong place. So far, it’s worked really well; she doesn’t swear at all.


Apparently on Roblox.

I knew something was up when she admitted the half-truth that she’d called someone stupid, I just… didn’t expect such a complex sentence outta her. It’s a work of art, honestly. The adjective-swear. The dash at the end, as if holding back from continuing on a rant. It’s beautiful.

…she’s still not in trouble from us, obviously. She got her lesson with the ban, and we upheld it as a prime example of learning how far one can fuck around before finding out. And I managed not to laugh while saying ‘gee, I guess you really deserved that ban, huh?’ So, all in all, the system still works great.