I always thought I’d be a cool mom who would totally understand all of the new technology and concepts that Momo is going to encounter as she grows up.

I was wrong.

Apologies to my mom, who must have gone through this when I took a hard left into video games and never came back. I feel the confusion now. What are all these words? How am I supposed to have an opinion on her binglethops? Her dewdaws? When was I supposed to learn how to hook the bluetooth to the robot thingy using two different apps to update the firmware? Good lord.

I’m headed to PAX next week – just as an attendee, not an exhibitor, but if you happen to be there and happen to see me in the crowd, don’t be a stranger! 🙂


Panel 1 (Lindsay watching Momo play a handheld game)
Momo: And then, I put the dodoop in the flimplop, and it gives me infinite pakoops! Should I karvarp the brimbleblops or scrindle the gorpops so I can dwindle them later?

Panel 2-3 (Increasing zoom on Lindsay’s gentle bewilderment)
Lindsay: It finally happened. I have no idea what she’s talking about.