It’s been six years. The bloom of the first day of school is fully off the rose. For Momo? No… no… for ME. Momo’s SO excited to be back at school. I’m just grumpy I have to put myself to bed at a reasonable hour, wake up to an alarm clock, meal prep for lunches, and leave the house at a certain time.

This is such a change from previous years – I used to not be able to WAIT for her to go back to school, because it meant that I could have routine and peace at home again. This summer’s been different, though. She’s old enough to be responsible for herself now: she can shower, make lunch, do pet chores, clean her room, and even throw on a load of laundry if I ask her to. So… it’s been… really harmonious, actually.

And then, you know, I feel guilty for not ‘appreciating’ the moment enough, because I’m sorry to say THAT guilt doesn’t go away – in fact, gosh, it only gets worse as your kid speeds towards adulthood and you become acutely aware of her childhood ending. This the first and last time she’ll ever start fifth grade, etc etc etc.

I still don’t want to have a normal bedtime again, though…