HAPPY SIX HUNDRED STRIPS!! Wow! It’s been almost ten years since How Baby started, all the way back in the interminable baby days when I couldn’t imagine getting out of bed, nevertheless making six hundred strips about motherhood. It’s only fitting that a milestone strip is about the inexorable march of growing older.

I wouldn’t in a million years dream of putting a comic in the hopper about Momo’s literal actual puberty, but as we enter These Years I’ve certainly put a lot of thought into how my motherhood praxis, for lack of a better concept, is going to change to support her. Things like putting together a bag of period essentials BEFORE she needs it, and… realizing that though she is still so, so young in my heart, and change is so gradual, there are some things that are sudden. Like realizing you’re still packing children’s Tylenol for a grown up – or, at least, growing up – problem.

And then you stare at the cabinets for a full minute because, holy shit, time just keeps passing, huh.

Thank you for reading, whether you’ve been here for a few strips or all 600. Thank you for spending your time with me. Though How Baby’s frequency has gone down this year due to burnout and finishing Motherlover, it has not stopped being an honour that I get to share this part of my life with you and, in doing so, to feel a little less lonely