Every since Animal Crossing came out, Momo’s had pretty much sole custody of the Switch. But sometimes… I get to pull rank.

I’ve been resting my arm with determination this week, which means I’m banned from using the computer for anything but Strictly Work Purposes. Not to worry, though – there’s a wide world of video games out there, and I’d been meaning to pick up Fae Farm anyway. Someone I worked with at my last studio was a concept artist on it, so I’ve been watching it eagerly during development. Thing is, ‘cute farming sim’ is right up Momo’s alley too… leading to some territorial disputes over the Switch. It’s good for her that I eat up video games like it’s my job (lol) so, as of yesterday, the console is now back in her domain and she can romance the cute nerdy boy next door as hard as she wants without mom getting in the way.


(Single panel, Lindsay is snatching a Switch console out of Momo’s hands as she protests)
Momo: Hey!
Lindsay: Mom says it’s my turn on the Switch.