There is nothing quite as powerful as a casual observation from a ten-year-old girl. They really know how to trigger the long-dormant trauma of being one. I have been judged dripless by tweens, help.

I may have overcorrected from the last time I talked about The Hoodie, but at least I’m more comfortable now. The best update from that post four years ago, though, is that I did hold on to most of those too-small hoodies (at least, the ones not beyond repair) and now… they fit Momo.

…yeah. A little emotional.


Panel 1 (Momo, in a cat costume, points up at a sky with a cloud pattern that looks like tie-dye)
Momo: Hey, mom! The clouds look like your sweater!

Panel 2 (Momo’s friend, dressed as an angel, looks up)
Friend: Oh yeah, I see it! Your mom only wears like two sweaters. …the tie-dye one and the grey one.

Panel 3 (textless; in the background behind the two girls comes into focus a scowling Lindsay)