Aah! Brain for an autobio strip! Thanks for your patience with these. I’m finally through a stretch where I had to prioritize other comic work, and it’s good to work on a How Baby again.

I’m hugely victim to the revenge bedtime procrastination phenomenon, when you stay up too late in sort of a self-destructive bid to claw back some personal time. I think I’m naturally prone to it as a night owl, plus I like the quiet focus of no one talking to me, and THEN you add on that most of my daylight hours are actually work hours…? Yeah, prime target here.

As Momo’s gotten older and needed less intervention at night and supervision in the morning, I’ve been doing it more often – sleeping in is back on the menu, so I can live dangerously!

Except… sometimes I can’t, like when she got sick the other week and pulled out the ‘I don’t feel good’ card, which at 3AM after less than two hours of sleep feels less like a card and more like a steel chair.

We don’t get it often any more… but it sure humbles you when it does. Am I writing this post at 2:11AM this very moment? Yes, yes I am… it’s humbling, but not enough that I won’t get right back to it the next night. 🙂