Picture taken moments before the Incident.*

*The incident being both of us making a very loud scene in the candy store about how inappropriate it is to:

– shame children for being given a treat
– shame parents for choosing to give their child a treat
– shame children for eating, full stop
shame someone for purchasing a product that they are selling
portray diabetes as a punishment for eating
spread misinformation about diabetes (that’s not even how it works!)

SERIOUSLY! The audacity! I genuinely couldn’t believe we’d even heard it, but the worker confirmed that she did say it, and that it was ‘just a joke’ and we ‘shouldn’t take it seriously’ when, like… that’s… very serious? Making a trusting little girl feel ashamed for getting a treat that she earned?

‘People stop projecting their body negativity onto other people’ challen- ah, already lost. Dang.

Eagle-eyed visitors to the page may notice an addition to the sidebar on the left – or, rather, a reappearance of a section that hasn’t been around since pre-COVID times: convention appearances! I’ve been accepted to ECCC (Seattle) and VanCAF (Vancouver) this year after a long drought of not doing conventions, and I’d love to see y’all there! Put it on your calendars! Find me! Say hello, after so long! 😀