We’ve been getting absolutely shellacked by sickness these past few weeks. Momo got sick, then me, then while I was recovering Kev was fighting it off, and then before I even fully felt better again, Momo got sick again, and then a combo of seasonal allergies and catching it from her got me AGAIN. It’s been a real time.

When I was in the thick of it and Momo was feeling better, though, she really got to practice those independent skills. And not just independence, but looking around and realizing that people need help and she can do things to make them feel better. Not preschooler kinds of things like ‘I made you a picture, get well soon’ but ‘I took care of something you normally do so you can rest.’

That shift in awareness was interesting, but what really floored me was how it made me feel: loved. And, yes, of course, our family loves each other, but I’ve made comics before about how I feel like I don’t feel love but perform love by giving care, and… it really affected me to feel those years and years of “thankless” caregiving come back: that Momo has learned that love is a verb, too.

Unrelated to that: it’s my birthday today!! I stayed up late to make sure this was finished! …and why wasn’t it finished before? Because my dog’s cancer returned and also my hard drive failed and all my files were lost! At least one of those things was lessened by having diligent backups – still working on the technology to backup the family pet – but BOY! Boy. Gemini season has not been kind to ya friend over here! What can we do, right? Happy birthday to meeeee 😀


Panel 1 (Lindsay, groggy, stands in the bedroom doorway while Momo games in the foreground)
Lindsay: Hey, babe. I feel awful. Can you make your lunch?
Momo: Yep!

Panel 2 (Lindsay flops into bed)
Lindsay: There’s granola bars under the microwave-
Momo: Yep!
Lindsay: -and juice boxes in the fridge.
Momo: Got them!

Panel 3 (Lindsay looking out from a blanket burrito, only eyes in the darkness)
Lindsay: Can you feed the animals too?
Momo: I already did!

Panel 4 (In the foreground, Momo leaves a cup of water while Lindsay peeks out in the background)
Momo: Here’s your water, mom! And I turned on the fan and opened the blinds. Can I get you anything else?

Panel 5 (textless; Lindsay looks at Momo (foregrounded) with swimmy, tearful eyes of love and gratitude)